Trends in Wearable Tech


Wearable augmentations for those living with disabilities are pretty astounding. I found both of these videos inspiring, from high tech MIT labs to collaborative start ups, designers are improving the lives of people with physical impediments.


Self Tracking

Gathering data about oneself is increasingly popular. My parents bought my older sister Up by Jawbone for Christmas that uses motion sensors and a vibrating motor to interface with your iphone and help you regulate your sleeping and eating habits. I am interested in these glasses as well that record 720p video and send it via bluetooth to your devices. I wonder if they could live stream. They hit the market soon, and for $199 the investment isn’t crazy. Maybe I will join the life logging team one of these days.



These wearable oyster cards interface with London’s transit system. Radio frequency ID tags are already used extensively in our culture; we have passes to enter our workplaces and apartments and “paypass” credit cards. I am also a big fan of the “Deja Vu Bag” that uses RFID tags to recognize if the wearer is forgetting something. I did some preliminary research into the materials but they were seeming prohibitively expensive to order online. However, I saw RFID stuff on the shelves at creatron this week! Maybe I will experiment with these materials this semester.

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