Intro: Caitlin Jeffrey


Hi Everyone,

My name is Caitlin Jeffrey. I am in my fourth year as a Material Art and Design student, doing all courses this year except for my thesis.  I am relatively comfortable using most computer programs, but I do tend to be slower when learning new programs.  I am looking forward to the possibilities Grasshopper can provide to my jewelry practise. After playing with Rhino last semester creating unique stone settings for one of my classes, I wish to apply Grasshopper to further develop the possibilities for both standard and custom shape stones.  Bellow is an example on one of the settings I created that I would like to expand upon.

Stone Settng

Introduction: Sophy Lee

Hi, my name is Man Yan Sophy Lee and you can just call me Sophy.

I’m in my forth year of drawing and painting with a minor in MAAD. I’m taking this course because I took small object design one in the summer. I really enjoyed that course, but the time was too short and I want to continue to learn and explore more in Rhino, which is a very useful 3D design program. I wish to focus on ceramics or furniture design for this course.

Intro- Ivan (Irakliy K.)

Hi, my name is Irakliy Kontselidze, but most of you might know me as Ivan.
I am currently in my third year of Industrial design. As most of you, i took Small Obj. Design one. I found it to be very helpful in- learning efficiency in rhino.
With the emergence of the various online 3d communities, i have began to notice that more people could now get their hands on parametric design tools.
After and during this course- I hope to be able to fluently use it as a method and tool in my practice.
Right now I am wondering- what are the possible applications of these parametric tools, that i might be interested in and that would be useful to me? Apart from  texture generation, pattern making and automation; what will I end up using it for?
Once i am proficient enough i would like to add a note about-my impression of this tool.

Hello I’m Jessica

Major: Industrial Design | Minor: Industrial Ceramics

Hello Everyone! I am in my last year of studies at OCADU. Over the past 2 years I have gain knowledge of Rhino, Solidworks. I use these programs to generate object forms for personal and school related projects.

This term I hope to apply the knowledge I gain in Grasshopper in conjunction with another course, Architectural Ceramics, and make some neat and functional tiles.


Project Zero: Introductions

Your first project is to perform a number of administrative tasks that will help our section of Small Object Design: Virtual to Reality Two run smoothly.

1) Log in to the blog. I have given all of you access and authorship permission on our course blog. Go to the blog, and log in with your usual OCAD username and password. We’ll go over the blog interface together in class as necessary.

2) Make a post to the blog. Include the following.

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  • Your OCAD discipline.
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  • A brief description of why you’re taking this course. Your answer to this question will help me tailor this course to your aspirations.

3) Format your post. Presentation is always important in design. Publish the post and
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4) Use the correct title and category. Please title your post Introduction: [your
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