• Imagined Worlds

The 14th Annual York University Art History Graduate Student Symposium, based on the theme, Imagined Worlds, seeks to question the effigy of the real, notions of verisimilitude and the productive spaces created by processes of simulation in art, history, ritual, and life. Given our recognition of the simulacrum as a representation of likeness, an image without the substance of its original, and as a vehicle of hyper-reality, how has artistic activity and theory reacted to the virtualization of the real? Even before the emergence of the digital realm, art historically functioned as a means to reconstruct the imaginary. Imagined Worlds will provide a forum in which to explore the manipulations and reflections of reality in both contemporary and historical contexts. AHGSA invites proposals for presentations that critically engage with notions of the imaginary in art, visual culture, and their institutions.


Deadline for submissions: December 29th, 2014
Speaker notifications: January 9, 2014
Symposium dates: February 27th, 2014


A selection of presentations will be published in a special issue of KAPSULA Magazine, to be released in June 2015. All symposium participants will be invited to submit their presentation for review by the KAPSULA editorial committee. More information about

KAPSULA can be found here:


Keynote: Louis Kaplan
Featured artist talk: Priya Thomas

Possible Topics include:

-Simulated Environments
-Speaking Back to Colonial Imaginations
-Exhibitionary Culture and Critical Interventions
-Psycho-Geography/ Cartography
-Archival Theory/Digitization
-Augmented Reality
-Surreality/Speculative Realism
-Experimental Process and/or D.I.Y.
-Internet/Animation/Video Games
-Claiming Space

Presentation Formats:

Traditional 20-minute papers will be considered. We also welcome artistic interventions, performances, new media works and experimental technologies as extensions or responses to imagined worlds.


Please send a 300 word abstract of your paper/proposal along with a working title, Curriculum
Vitae, and contact information. All presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes



  • Call for Papers, Proposals, Presentations: Concordia University @ Montreal’s Interdisciplinary PhD in the Humanities’ Annual Graduate Conference

CFP: Call for Papers, Presentation, Proposals for Concordia University @ Montreal’s Annual Graduate Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities Re-Originality Curation, Plagiarism and Cultures of Ownership

The myth of originality Began A Few hundred years ago, Reached icts climax with the avant-garde movements of the 19th and 20th centuries, And Then receded. Today, we are swept up in a new myth of postmodernism, qui Demands the recognition Abebooks web are all just repeating, collaging, Altering, or re-mixing. Nothing is original and everything has-been done before. Or has it? Has the location and execution of originality altered? Is it still Located in the agent? Is knowledge Each maker has single collagist, original Creating styles of re-mixing or Merely borrowing from a network of relationships? Perhaps Each formation of Knowledge Creates a single iteration Of Those relationships or glorified Perhaps it’s plagiarism.

As Researchers, makers and creators of knowledge with interdisciplinary methods, thesis issues encourages us to inquire about what we are doing and how we are doing it. Are we simply Revising, rephrasing and regurgitating the good work That has gone before us, yet the work is truly original? Does it matter? Re-Originality is the theme of Concordia’s 2015 Annual Graduate Humanities Conference and a call to Reflect on the Ways in qui we create and position our work. The conference theme is supported by a reimagining of the traditional lecture formats with participatory mixers , keynote speakers with a twist and performative evenings.

Potential Topics for Contributions (but not limited to):

Curation -Creative and curatorial practices in the digital age
New methods of presentation and communication
The self archiving of Plagiarism
Positive plagiarism -appropriation art , copyright, and intellectual property Concerns
Theft and homage -authorship & ownership
Conceptions of property in niche Communities
Cultures of Ownership -appropriation or appreciation?
Adopting / Utilizing non-traditional methods of research or knowledge making -transculturation Collage & Remix
Thresholds of creativity, originality margins of -remix Culture -supercuts, mods, mergers, hybrids

Propose your own panel -3 person panels with a topic of your choosing

Please send a 300 word abstract (English or French), CV and brief biographical notes, including Contact and institutional affiliation to no later than Friday, January 16th, 2015 .

Successful candidates will be notified on or around January 30th, 2015. Artists May also include several pictures (less than five, maximum 72dpi). Please send in a single PDF, RTF, ODF or Word document. Conference online information at

In addition to traditional 15-minute paper presentations, our theme is supported by a reimagining of the normative size conference by inviting aussi Proposals for innovative forms of knowledge sharing immersive Such As and interactive workshops, performative or demonstrative presentations, installations and exhibitions, and ‘lightning round’ presentations (5 minutes, 5 slides).

Please indicate your preference for one or two of These presentation formats in your submission. If you are Interested in presenting a workshop or demonstration performative, please include a paragraph or two about how you envision that working (space, time, logistics, tech Needs, etc).