• Introduction to game design: DIY and Experimental Approaches to Game Authorship
Offered by  iSkills

With Sandra Danilovic, PhD Candidate

Game design and development is an artistic and creative practice. This 6-hour, hands-on workshop introduces the workflow of text-based DIY game development by exploring the innovative possibilities of choose-your-own-adventure games and interactive fiction. Creativity and experimentation with the interactive affordances of these game genres is the main objective of this workshop. We begin with a short introduction to the history of video games and genres, including mainstream and experimental digital games. We brainstorm the game concept and game story, followed by game mechanics/choices/rules. Acquisition and/or creation of game design assets such as graphics and icons is discussed in relation to graphic design software, aesthetic/conceptual approaches, and copyright issues. Finally, we plunge into a practical exercise developing the game concepts on provided laptops.
This workshop consists of hands-on instruction and group work using Twine game design software. Game assets (graphics, icons, backgrounds, etc.) will be supplied using Dropbox. A selection of game ideas, genres, and narratives will also be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own game ideas to this workshop. No prior programming or graphic design skills are required.

Learning objectives:

  • Introductory understanding of Twine game development, including basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript, design and workflow
  • Basic proficiency in conceptual and aesthetic considerations for Twine game design (ex: game idea, story, characters, visual design, game mechanics/choices/rules, branching-style narrative design)
  • Introduction to creative experimentation with game genres and concepts
  • Introduction to the iterative and collaborative process of game development and design that is paramount to this creative practice

*This workshop was made possible by the combined efforts of KMDI, Tech Fund, and Information Services.