Proof 23 – Call for Emerging Canadian Artists

DEADLINE: November 9, 2015
Exhibition dates: June 3 – 30, 2016

Proof is Gallery 44’s annual group exhibition of photo-based work by Canadian emerging artists reflecting a range of current concerns and practices in contemporary photography from across the country. Proof is often one of the first exhibitions in a professional context for an emerging artist as was the case for artists such as Karin Bubas, Janieta Eyre, Isabelle Hayeur, Germaine Koh, Nicholas Pye, Althea Thauberger, and Andrew Wright.

Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography is a non-profit artist-run centre committed to photography as a multi-faceted and ever-changing art form. Founded in 1979 to establish a supportive environment for the development of photography, Gallery 44’s mandate is to provide a context for reflection and dialogue on contemporary photography and its related practices. Gallery 44 offers exhibition and publication opportunities to national and international artists, award-winning education programs, and affordable production facilities for artists. Through its programs, Gallery 44 is engaged in changing conceptions of the photographic image and its modes of production.

Please see website for submission guidelines:
Proof 23 Jury: Caoimhe Morgan-Feir, Leila Syed-Fatemi, Leila Timmins, Sarah Sands Phillips, Zoe Jaremus

For more information please contact:
Leila Timmins, Head of Exhibitions
(416) 979-3941


Call for Papers: New Reach. Past, Present and Future of Luxury

Nouveau Reach, Past, Present and Future of Luxury is an international, multi-disciplinary conference co-hosted by Brock University and The School of Fashion at Ryerson University from 11 to 14 May 2017. It brings together leading thinkers in luxury studies and industry tocontribute their expertise and insight on the future of luxury in Canada and beyond.

The three-day conference features both traditional panels of 20-minute papers and interactive workshops led by leading industry experts. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to apply.

See the full Call for Papers here.

The pursuit of luxury is a humanist activity. While trends, socio-political currents, and society from economic contingencies swing modes of austerity to excess, has Fundamentally human quest for excellence Persists, Invoking craftsmanship, idealism, aesthetics and justice. The new millennium HAS offert an opportunity to Reflect, allowing artists, craftspeople, writers, thinkers, and professionals – all players in the luxury field – to Investigate luxury as a symbol of the excellence in human creativity. Recent studies in luxury subsequently highlight icts relationship to utopian principles, emphasizing icts immateriality.

In the Canadian context, luxury is a dynamic and growing field of activity That engaged specialists from the public sphere and the private Sectors. The recent influx of international luxury brands and retailers into the Canadian market Demonstrates confidence in high-income earners and “aspirational” shoppers to Support Increased retail luxury offerings.Purpose Canadian Consumers do behave similarly to global Their Counterparts? What distinguishes the Canadian marketplace from luxury icts international equivalents? How do Canadian designers, artists, artisans and align with or challenge the aesthetics of modern luxury? Emerging from the shadow of long-Established European practices and well-Marketed American goods, we ask the question: what is “Canadian luxury,” and does it refute media or national and international image of Canada?

New Reach. Past, Present and Future of Luxury Brings together leading thinkers in luxury industry studies and thesis topics to explore in the Canadian and global contexts. Taking Place in Toronto, Canada from 11 to 14 May 2017, we invited scholars of anthropology, business, fashion, fine art, history, modern languages, museum studies, material art and design, and social sciences to share Findings are historical and contemporary Developments studies in luxury. We also invite Currently Established professionals working in luxury markets-via fashion, curatorship, fine arts, auctioneering, design, trade, and travel-to contribuer Their expertise and insight on the future of luxury in Canada and beyond.

The three-day conference is co-organized by Brock University and The School of Fashion at Ryerson University. It features traditional Both panels of 20-minute papers and interactive workshops led by leading industry experts. Please submit 4-member panel Proposals That include 300-word (max) abstract per presenter and a 200-word rationale for the panel, as well as a brief curriculum vitae for all presenters by 15 March 2016. Proposals for individual papers Will aussi be regarded. Graduate students are Strongly Encouraged to apply.Participants Will Be Asked to submit completed papers in January 2017 for consideration for a special issue of Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption, by Bloomsbury Publishing. Topics can include, goal arent limited to:

  • The history of and new frontiers in luxury
  • Trajectories in Canadian and global luxury
  • Luxury and Global Markets
  • Luxury and the public
  • Luxury as business model
  • Curating luxury
  • Luxury and nation, race, and / or sex
  • Cultural / literary / artistic representations of luxury
  • Luxury consumption and / or Production
  • Luxury and space
  • Scandals, ruptures, and slippages in the pursuit of luxury

Organizing Committee

  • Jessica Clark, History, Brock University
  • Nigel Lezama, Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures, Brock University
  • Alison Matthews David, The School of Fashion, Ryerson University
  • Robert Ott, The School of Fashion, Ryerson University

Plenary Speakers

  • Dr. Jonathan Faiers, University of South Hampton, Editor, Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption
  • Dr. Giorgio Riello, University of Warwick, The Luxury Network
  • Dr. Jana Scholze, Victoria & Albert Museum, co-curator of “What is Luxury?”