Extended University Hours Beginning MONDAY NOVEMBER 9th

Beginning Monday, November 9th, the University will be offering extended hours (7:30am-1:00am) at 100 McCaul (including the Sharp Centre), 60 McCaul and 52 McCaul.

Beginning Monday, November 16th, 100 McCaul (including the Sharp Centre), 60 McCaul and 52 McCaul will be open 24 hours/7 days a week for a five-week period.

Extended 24/7 building hours will end on December 14 at midnight.

Please note the following:

  • Access is for current OCAD University students only (you must remember to bring your OCAD U ID to gain entry) via main doors only.
  • No guests will be permitted entry.
  • Access is to areas that are normally open during extended hours and do not require supervision by staff or a technician. Drawing and Painting Studios will be accessible 24 hours, as will the Assembly Studio (Room 161) on the ground floor of 100 McCaul. Any shops or studios that have heightened supervisory requirements due to safety and security concerns will be accessible on the Extended Hours schedule only. Please check the website for hours of specific Shops and Studios.
  • Students can access desktop computers, scanners and B+W printing on Level 3 and Level 6 in 100 McCaul.
  • Please note that desktops are erased nightly at 1:45am. Desktops will not delete accounts while students are logged in, and as well, it will not delete the user who logged in 45 minutes prior to the wipe time of 1:45am. IT Services recommends that students use Google Drive. More than 450 students are actively using Google Drive, and OCAD U Students receive unlimited storage from Google Drive.

Your safety and security is a priority to us, please use the following when working alone or during late and extended hours:

  • Set up a communication protocol with a friend, peer or family member so they know where you are and when to expect you home
  • Get enough rest. If you are tired or distracted it is not safe to operate any machinery or tools in the shops and studios
  • Report all safety concerns to the security front desk @ 100 McCaul
  • Zero tolerance for alcohol and/or drug consumption
  • Use the safety and security programs listed below to help you!

The Walk Safe Program is available to all students, staff and faculty wishing to request an escort to a nearby location at any time during these extended hours. A Walk Safe may be arranged through the Guardly app, using the white phones located within the buildings or by calling EXTENSION 366 using any Campus phone.

The Guardly App is free of charge and is designed to keep you safe. Remember to use this app to contact security via phone or text to report any emergency situation, suspicious/threatening behavior, unsafe environments/activities or to arrange a Walk Safe escort.

Register for Guardly for free at:

Emergency Red Phones are installed throughout the campus and a Blue Pole is installed in Butterfield Park. These emergency phones automatically put staff, students, and faculty in contact with Campus Security and display the location of the device when activated. These emergency phones should only be used during an emergency.

Thanks to everyone for your cooperation in making the extended building hours possible.