JAN 22-23 2016


Art and Design have always been a catalyst for social change. On January 22nd and 23rd 2016 OCAD U Student Union will take over the university to showcase projects, ideas and initiatives committed to social justice. You are invited to submit a proposal for a performance, art installation, panel, lecture, teaching, workshop, presentation or social experiment.

Theme: Signal Boost

Signal boost is the act of amplifying a message with the aim of increasing its reach. Through this event we want to amplify social justice focused initiatives, connect like-minded people, share knowledge and resources for ideas to materialize and grow. We welcome submissions from Faculty, Administration, Students, and our community at large. We invite you to submit Art and Design proposals that focus on but are not limited to:

• Decolonization
• Intersectional Identities
• Innovative resistance
• Race & Racialization
• Gender Expression/Expectations/
• (dis)Abilities and Accessibility
• Entrepreneurship
• Sexual/Gender Violence
• Traditional Knowledge
• Migrant Justice
• Technology and Justice
• Leadership & Mobilization
• Sexual Orientation
• Communication
•Community Building


Art and Design To be Exhibited: A committee will review all applications and curate an exhibition on the Great Hall at 100 McCaul. All formats are welcome so long as they can be installed on January 20th, 21st and dismantled on the evening of January 23rd.

Art and Design Dialogue:

A committee will review all submissions. All formats are welcome including but not limited to: lectures, workshops, roundtables, and panels. Campaign Information can be found here:

The Submission form can be found here:

Pablo Munoz –




Creating Connections, Building Communities


WHEN: Friday, January 15, 2016, 9:30 am to 12.30 pm

Please reserve January 15th, 2016 in your calendars now for OCAD U’s 3rd Annual Teaching Expo!

We are inviting proposals for presentations at OCAD U’s annual Teaching Expo. The purpose of the conference is to:

  • Share advice and proven practices in promoting learning, and
  • Build connections among the university’s teaching community.

This year’s theme is Creating Connections, Building Communities.  We encourage you to propose a presentation on any variation of this theme, and are providing some suggestions to get you started:

  • Three things about connecting with students that I wish I knew when I started teaching
  • Artist / Designer /Educator:  Infusing professional practice into the classroom
  • Fostering student interaction and collaboration
  • What I’m learning from being a Program Chair: Bridging teaching and administration
  • The future of studio-based learning
  • Being a course lead: what works?
  • Social justice and art and design education
  • Connecting with colleagues

Presentations are allocated a 50-minute time slot and should include time for discussion.  They may be led by a single individual, consist of a panel of perspectives / presenters, or another variation.

To propose a presentation, please email by November 30, 2015:

  1. Presenter Name(s)
  2. Email address(s)
  3. Presenter(s) Faculty
  4. Proposed presentation title
  5. Description of your proposed session (100-150 words)

If you are considering submitting a presentation proposal and have questions you would like to discuss, please email Stacey Young or Carol Roderick




Reconstructing Resilience

Reconstructing Resilience is a symposium and exhibition that brings together researchers, artists, educators, students and community members who are interested in reimagining what it means to be creatively resilient and sustainable within contemporary society. Hosted by the Impact Economy Research Hub (IERH) at OCAD University and using varied engagement methods, this event will highlight local initiatives and act as a knowledge exchange platform for participants.

Resilience, here, refers to a community’s ability to creatively adjust and sustain itself in light of rapid and occasionally negative change. Sustainability permeates multiple arenas, including economics, ecology, politics and culture. Reconstructing Resilience will provide the opportunity to examine intersections of all these spheres.


Is it possible to construct initiatives that truly bridge all four areas of sustainability? What do these initiatives look like? How is it possible to ensure success, given the diverse intersection of dimensions? And how do we measure this success? Sprout Guerrilla, an urban gardening business that makes graffiti art out of moss to counteract air pollution and educate the community about environmental issues, serves as an illustrative project that addresses these questions.


Reconstructing Resilience invites submissions from researchers, artists, designers and makers. We welcome submissions in diverse formats, including academic research papers, talks and workshops for the symposium, and art/craft/design projects suitable for a group exhibition. The exhibition is scheduled to run from January 15th – 30th, 2016 in 49 McCaul street. The symposium will fall on Friday January 15th and culminate with the exhibition opening on the evening of the 15th.


How to apply:


To submit for the exhibition, please send a short bio, statement of interest and 5-10 supporting images.


For symposium submissions, please send a short bio, statement of interest and abstract.

To volunteer, please email your preferred area of expertise.

All completed application packs should be sent via email to  by 5pm, Friday December 4th, 2015. A limited number of bursaries are available for select students, to cover transport or material costs, please state on your submission if you would like to be considered for funding.