OCADU Graduate Academic Intensive Workshop Series

These workshops are designed to aid graduate students whose native language is not English and to give them strategies to support their academic work. In addition to helping students with their academic reading, research and writing, additional objectives include improving oral fluency, speaking and presentation skills. The workshops are designed to be interactive and student-centred. Students should be prepared to participate in group discussions, do in-class exercises as well as take home assignments. While priority will be given to ELL students, all graduate students interested in attending the series or a single workshop should contact the facilitator or the WLC. All workshops will be held in 205 Richmond, Room 511 on Thursdays from 3-5pm.

Week 2: Research Pathways— Jan 18th, 2018

Graduate students often begin their research journey with questions, issues and problems that combine fields and disciplines. This workshop will give students strategies for mapping out graduate their research pathways, accessing sources in the library catalogue and databases, and engaging with research materials. Along with an overview of note-taking, summarizing and paraphrasing research, we will also discuss various research challenges that graduate students encounter. Week 3: Improving Writing Style— Jan 25th, 2018
Learning to make stylistic choices based on one’s topic and audience is the foundation to finding one’s voice as a writer. This workshop will empower students to improve their writing by analyzing tone, diction, sentence structure, and paragraph organization. This workshop may also address writing
“crimes” such as clichés, jargon, lack of clarity, and weak argumentation. Students will also give peer feedback on written work, identify common errors and learn to incorporate feedback.

Week 4: Presenting and Pitching— Feb 1st, 2018
For designers and creators, strong presentation skills are not supplementary, but necessary to community-building and collaboration. In this workshop, students will gain more confidence with presenting their work and pitching their ideas effectively in a range of formal and casual situations. Students will hone their storytelling abilities to gain comfort with networking and describing their
experiences and expertise.

If you wish to attend this workshop series or have any questions, please contact:

Phoebe Wang, ELL Writing and Learning Consultant
416-977-6000, Ext. 3354