OCAD U Students Present, MADE IN CANADA
Identity Materialized

December 10th, 2018, 6:30 PM
At Bergo Designs
27 Tank House Lane

Made In Canada is a presentation of Canadian designs by second-year OCAD U Industrial Design students, taught by Luis Angarita. Presented in partnership with Bergo Design,¬†a longstanding, iconic design store in the heart of the distillery. These works with be on view through this year’s Christmas Market.

The students explored the theme of identity through analysis of iconic brands, lectures from veteran industrial designers and polling of Canadians about their understandings of self.

Though the Canadian Identity may have seemed difficult to define at first, these students have come up with codified products that represent their findings about Canada emotionally, rationally, aesthetically, metaphorically and beyond.

Theo Richardson & Luke Ceolin designed a line of planters in maple wood containing maple tree seeds to give the gift of the iconic Canadian maple in a package that can fit in your carry-on.

Anna Lucia Zablah & Edward Chan designed a line of drinking accessories in stainless steel and wood that foster a Canadian atmosphere no matter where used.

Max Minuzzo and Justine Orbovic explored wood bending patterns to create unique light designs that use shadows and light to change the atmosphere of any space.

Connor Shopa has created two tabletop products, the mountain shaker and fire pit lamp that are inspired by Canadian elements and traditions.

Austin Mercieca and Nathan Henry designed arctic-inspired products including an inuksuk Aurora Borealis mood light made of walnut and a narwhal letter opener made from steel and maple wood.

Jason Cheng and Oleg Gorlenko designed a multipurpose rack and sunrise clock/light with Canadian materials and aesthetics in mind.

James Zhao and Ayomide Olagbemi designed the aurora light and the osan citrus fruit squeezer, perfect gifts for loved ones.

Danny Kim and Ethan Shin designed The Canadian Chessboard and The Gray Jay Hoodie to add a Canadian cultural influence into people’s daily life.

Join us Monday, December 10th at 6:00 pm at Bergo Design, 28 Tank House Lane, to experience the future of design by the next generation of Canadian designers.