Friday, January 18th, 2019 – Thursday, January 24, 2019

2104 Dundas St. W.

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 19th, 5pm-7pm

What does fit mean today, and how does an individuals experience getting dressed influence identity? ‘Missed Fit’ will start a dialogue about exclusionary processes in design, and subvert the challenges of working within a standardized fashion system.

Philip Sparks is a tailor and fashion designer with 20 years of experience producing bespoke pieces and clothing collections. He is also a Master’s candidate in OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Master’s of Art, Media and Design program and a professor at Seneca College’s School of Fashion.

As a maker, Sparks works with many clients who have no choice but to have their wardrobes custom made. His OCAD U research into the anthropology and anthropometry of tailoring questions the concept of an ideal form. And through his eight years of teaching, he’s experienced the challenges of learning from resources that don’t change as quickly as our bodies do.

By reflecting on the history, inspiration and processes behind patternmaking and presenting a new collection of garments designed not to fit, this exhibition looks beyond the one size fits all approach to fashion.

Image credit: Philip Sparks