On December 6th the OCAD University community gathered and raised just under $5000 to assist in the rebuilding of the Tahltan Nation Community through the sale of photo-documentation of a performance piece by Peter Morin. The event was also a celebration of the end of the calendar year in Graduate Studies.

A thank you from Peter Morin:

I don’t think I can add anything. Except for gratitude. It means so much that we can send love, and money, to folks back home. So much was lost. homes. structures. memories. Fire can takes away everything that we imagined as home. Its important that we can help out those in need. Its also important to recognize and prioritize decolonization methodologies and send back resources to Indigenous territories and communities. Meduh to everyone who could donate, Meduh to everyone who sang. Meduh to everyone who shared their good energy and joy during our event. We did good. The Tahltan Nation, and communities across the country, have been working tirelessly to help our community members return home by the end of December. There is still a lot of work to do but we make it easier when we work together.


See photos of the event by Arash Safavi