The Digital Futures OPEN SHOW – Opening Friday, February 1st: Grad Gallery

Digital Futures Open Show 2019

The Digital Futures OPEN SHOW is an annual exhibition where we show our best and most interesting work that’s happening RIGHT NOW !

Opening Night: February 1st, 5-8PM (RSVP here:
Additional Open Hours: Saturday, February 2nd, 1-5PM

The collection of work presented is intended to represent a survey of current ideas, concepts, themes, theories, tools, techniques, and trends being explored by the Digital Futures community. We’re exited to continue with the exhibition.

OPEN comes from the fact that this call is open to our whole community. The show will include works from current Digital Futures undergraduate students, graduate students AND faculty. Works include physical computing prototypes, data visualizations, digital entertainment, games, wearable technology, and interactive installations. For anyone who has asked the question “What IS Digital Futures anyway?” – we’re hoping this exhibition will continue to provide some answers.

This event is free and open to the public, We look forward to seeing you there!