I am pleased to invite you to the opening reception of my MFA Thesis Exhibition Red Millennial Apple: The Rough and The Smooth Image, on March 14th from 5-9pm. Please see all the info below.


Red Millennial Apple: The Rough and The Smooth Image

Lingxiang Wu | MFA Thesis Exhibition


Ignite Gallery

165 Augusta Ave, Toronto ON

M5T 2L4


Opening Reception

March 14th, 5-9PM


Exhibition Continues

March 14th – 18th, 2-8PM


Follow up with any updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/2288258418160384/


Red Millennial Apple: The Rough and The Smooth Image is an exhibition consisting of artworks that experiment with both smooth and rough aesthetics, using the medium of collage, sculpture, animation, and installation. Wu’s thesis questions if the ingenuity of image-making submits to default automation under the framework of capitalist production. The digital image becomes the smooth image with pleasing visuals, but the lack of context. Using Google Alert with keywords such as “red,” “millennial,” and “apple,” Wu collects an abundance of digital images as his primary material. These images are further modified in post-production software to create unstable compositions by intervening the algorithmic selections. As the smooth image gradually loses its clarity with each rendition, it gains the resistance and roughness necessary to turn the superficial experience into one that invites the viewer to linger, contemplating what they see.


Lingxiang Wu is a visual artist currently living and working in Toronto. He studied Photography and Film/ Video Production at SUNY – Buffalo where he received his Bachelor degree in Arts. He is now pursuing an MFA in the Interdisciplinary Master’s of Art, Media, and Design Program at OCAD University. Wu is interested in topics such as post-production, the aesthetics of rough/smooth, and boredom.


MFA Thesis Exhibition presented by OCAD University