in(Living)between: Performing the Hyphen

An MFA thesis performance exhibition by Keiko Hart
Location: 205 Richmond St. W, OCAD U Graduate Gallery, TO, ON
Live-stream/Performance dates: March 18-20, 12PM-8PM
Closing reception: March 21, 5PM-8PM
The exhibition will remain open on the weekend (March 23 and 24) from 12PM-6PM.

The live-stream can be accessed from this link:

Facebook event:

Instagram account: @inlivingbetween


The multiracial individual occupies the space of the in(-)between—a frontier of perennial opportunities for progressive resistance. It is neither here nor there, not the ocinlivingbetween-postercident or the other, but both: the hyphen. Expectations exist that if a visible indicator of someone’s identity is not immediately present, it should manifest conspicuously. When the hyphen performs, it does so from an in(-)between space that is observable when written out, yet invisible when spoken aloud. But that does not mean it does not exist. in(Living)between is a stream-of-consciousness writing-on-the-walls performance live-streamed from a contained room that seeks to enact hyphenated identity through lived experiences of (mis)interpretations, (mis)pronunciations and (mis)identifications.

While the Graduate Gallery where the show is taking place will be closed off during the performance, the adjacent media room will project a live-stream of what is taking place inside that may be viewed there or accessed from anywhere in the world. The performance room will be revealed at the closing reception on March 21 where refreshments and snacks will be provided. The room will be left open for display with a recorded projection of the performance in the media room over the following weekend.