We’re competing in the Hult Prize regional finals in Melbourne in April and we’re looking for a third teammate!



The theme of this year’s Hult Prize is – “How to create jobs and employ 10,000 youth within 10 years.”


The Problem:

  • Disadvantaged youth are missing out on traditional job postings.
  • Aligning employee and employer mission statements bring hugely added value. Current hiring practices do not properly account for this.
  • Standard job postings and formalized skill assessments do not properly assess the wide variety of lived experience of potential candidates. In many jobs, formalized skills are not the only predictors of success.


Our Idea:

We’re supporting youth who don’t normally have access to jobs and putting them in front of employers who need to fill entry-level, high volume roles. These jobs are ones in which current resume skills are not the only predictors of success.


We do this by identifying the experiential skills, learning potential and personal values of youth and matching them with the internal mission, company culture and unique needs of employers.


The employee gets a job which high personal mission/value alignment, and the company gets an employee who is engaged, stays longer, is more productive ($$) and contributes more to growth.


Pitch Date:

April 12&13

Melbourne Australia


Team Values:

  1. Let’s have fun
  2. Open to possibilities
  3. Open to intellectual criticism
  4. Flexible
  5. Authenticity
  6. Before saying “no,” support and allow the idea to form
  7. Sense of camaraderie
  8. No judgement of teammates
  9. Care about the mission


You’ve read to the end of the email – thanks for still being here! We’re still solidifying our idea and would love to welcome a third team member who shares our values, cares about this challenge and wants to take advantage of this opportunity. Ultimately we want to have fun and create something awesome together!


If this sounds interesting to you please reach out and tell us about yourself. You can email Michelle at 8michellec@gmail.com and Ben at ben@benschreiber.ca.

Talk soon!

Michelle & Ben