OCTOBER 24–27 OCTOBRE 2019 Hilton Hotel, Québec, QC

Submission deadline / Date limite de soumission: May 31, 2019 / 31 mai 2019


Making Sense of the Senses: Evaluating the Sensorium in Visual Culture (


The classification, discrimination, and individuation of the senses have long been a topic of discussion among scholars in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Although the paradigm of the five senses can be found in philosophical texts from Ancient Greece and China, the sensory categories defined differed significantly between the two regions. This disparity of sense perception informed the interdisciplinary field of sensory studies and following the sensory turn of the 1990s, led to a profusion of sense-specific subfields, especially those related to visual culture. While the invention of visual culture collapsed the hierarchy of high/low art (Berger 1972; Baxandall 1972; Alpers 1983), the proliferation of visual culture studies further entrenches the hierarchical division of the senses (Howes 2018). This panel seeks to explore interpretations of the sensorium in visual culture and evaluate the cultural and social connections/implications of the Senses in Art.


Chair: Samantha Chang, University of Toronto,


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Samantha Chang
PhD Candidate, History of Art/Graduate Department of Art, University of Toronto

Visiting Research Student, Department of Music, The University of Sheffield |