Michele Sereda Artist in Residence CALL FOR PROPOSALS, due October 11, 2019

Michele Sereda Artist in Residence CALL FOR PROPOSALS, due October 11, 2019


The Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance is disseminating its current Call for Proposals for the Michele Sereda Artist Residency / 2020.


Please see following and attached PDF. Note that the deadline is: Friday October 11, 2019.


Do send this to anyone who might be interested!


Michele Sereda Artist Residency in Socially-engaged Practice University of Regina


Brief Description of the Residency


The Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, in collaboration with the Faculty of Nursing, is seeking an artist to fill a 4-month residency, commencing in January 2020, to explore the integration of art and the duty of care. The applicant might take up such notions as health and well-being; maladies, afflictions, infirmities; birth and death; aging and loneliness; caregiving and assisted dying, are all potentially central to this call for interest.


This residency was established in memory of Michele Sereda who died in 2015. Sereda was a multidisciplinary artist who explored social issues that touched on intercultural dialogue and creation. Critical aspects of the Sereda Residency are: 1) its commitment to engage with the broader community; 2) its commitment to place an artist, over time, in each Faculty of the University in order to underscore the inherent value of the arts in all disciplines and walks of life; and 3) to disseminate the results of the residency within the community both on and off campus. Furthermore, we believe that a vital part of the residency is to expose students to professional artists with a strong track record of high calibre work in their discipline(s) and whose work is embedded in community through socially aware and engaged practice.


MAP takes up the terms of Sereda’s creative energy in offering an artist residency for a professional artist interested in exploring socially-engaged practice and community interaction in a supportive academic environment for a period of 4 months. The residency aims to create engagements between artists, University units and their students, and community organizations around socially relevant issues. In this Call, we are looking for an artist from any discipline whose practice focuses on the human condition – “the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to” (Hamlet’s soliloquy, Act III, Scene I).


The Call defines the term “artist” broadly in the understanding that it includes all creatives, photographers, film makers, performers, dancers, musicians, digital artists and those that blur the line between. We anticipate applications from all disciplines. The successful applicant will address, directly or indirectly, the ideas in this call and may interpret them as boldly and widely as desired.


This is envisioned as a one-semester residency (January through April 2020). Depending on the artist’s practice, activities may include: interaction with students and faculty, classroom/studio visits, interaction with the community beyond the campus, multiple forums of public dissemination and opportunity to preserve work in the University Archives. The artist stipend for the 4-month residency is $10,000 CDN. This amount is to cover all living expenses and supplies. Accommodation and travel are at the artist’s expense. A workspace/studio, exhibition space and in-kind support may be provided, contingent on the needs of the artist and the availability of UofR resources.

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