CFP: “Worlding Decolonial Knowledges in Modern and Contemporary Art” – Early Career Researchers Workshop

Call for papers

Worlding the Global: The Arts in an Age of Decolonization

November 8-11, 2019

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Call for Proposals:

Early Career Researchers’ Workshop

Worlding Decolonial Knowledges in Modern and Contemporary Art

November 10, 2019


“Worlding Decolonial Knowledges in Modern and Contemporary Art” is a workshop for early career scholars, artists, and arts professionals developed as part of Worlding the Global: The Arts in an Age of Decolonization, a four-day

international academy designed to collaboratively re-imagine and pluralize the ‘global’ from multiple geocultural perspectives. The early career workshop focuses on the conceptual link between worlding and decolonization. We are interested in projects that address how artists conceive of the global by re-formulating critical ways of knowing and being-in-the-world. As a concept, worlding reminds us that location and belonging matter, illustrating different access points that reveal the lived interconnectedness of the global. However, the openness of this concept also reveals how different modes of being and knowing can be erased and/or obfuscated by colonial systems of power and thought. We therefore also seek to grapple with how art-making challenges the colonial violence of a singular

“world.” If our stated aim is to emphasize entanglements and to mobilize multiple decolonial perspectives in order to pluralize the global, how do we constitute decolonial knowledge? How do we engage the limits of our understanding and the edges of discourse? If we seek to develop a relational model to speak across differences, what knowledges are necessary to ethically and collaboratively re-imagine the global? What is gained and what is lost?


To apply, please send a short abstract written in English (200-250 words maximum) and a 2-page CV to: by September 20, 2019. A stipend for travel will be available to all successful applicants. More details including what constitutes “early career” can be found on the attached poster; all other questions can be directed to


Worlding the Global: The Arts in an Age of Decolonization is organized by the Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis at Carleton University, Ottawa in partnership with local and international institutions and is generously supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. A full schedule of events is

forthcoming on our website:


With Many Thanks,

Emily Putnam

Emily Putnam, MA, BA (Hon.)

PhD Student | Cultural Mediations
Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture (ICSLAC)
Carleton University