Graduate Studies Space Update | 7th Floor & Graduate Lounge

Graduate Studies Space Update | 7th Floor & Graduate Lounge

Hi Everyone,


Over the summer there have been a range of updates to our facilities that we wanted to inform you about!


7th Floor – New Space

The Graduate Studies office is pleased to announce that we have undertaken significant renovations on the 7th floor of 205 Richmond St. W. Rm. 701 is now an open and flexible working space for graduate students and research staff. All current students are encouraged to make use of the space for quiet work e.g. reading, writing, and ‘clean’ production. Loud group and messy work should take place in studio facilities as appropriate. This area is intended to be used as flex space, with no one student/staff being assigned a permanent space in the open area.

The kitchen facilities are also available for use – please be respectful of other users by keeping it clean and not storing food in the fridge/freezer for long periods of time.


Graduate Lounge – now CADN/CCP Program Space


In order to ensure that all programs have access to space, we had to reallocate spaces in 205 Richmond St. W. We analyzed data on the use of the Graduate Lounge and determined that it was underutilized compared to other spaces. We have therefore converted that area (Rm. 101, 205 Richmond St. W.) to a shared CADN/CCP space. Inclusive Design will now have a dedicated work area in the former CADN space on the 4th floor in Rm. 411.


Students and faculty are asked to use the kitchen facilities on the 7th floor, instead of those in Rm. 101 (the former Graduate Lounge).
Please do get in touch with any questions you may have.


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