VHD installation by Ashely Snook (IAMD MFA, 2016) October 4th & 5th @ Grad Gallery



Friday, October 4th from 12PM-6PM

Saturday, October 5th from 8PM-12AM

Grad Gallery (Level G) 205 Richmond St. W.


VHD VHD is an installation that explores the complexities of our interconnected existence by emphasizing the sensory elements of sight, sound, and smell, and encapsulating aspects of biophiliac curiosity, while troubling the desire to retain positive energy.


Within the current epoch of the Anthropocene, VHD VHD explores how human and nonhuman species live within and without natural systems amongst, landscapes and spacescapes. This installation questions how one can obtain and maintain positive energy in a time of immense destruction. Here I contend that our human proximity to nature is known to have an affective impact on our wellbeing, given that being close to nature can counteract negativity and increase pleasant feelings. However, we need to ask, how do we hold, retain, and perhaps store positive energy on a depleting planet? This installation emphasizes the realities of human and nonhuman life, particularly the continuous cycle of life and death, while addressing the challenge to find inner peace during a time of ecological destruction.


Ashley Snook is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist and is currently a PhD student in the Art and Visual Culture program at Western University in London, Ontario. Ashley completed her MFA at OCAD University in the Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design program in 2016. In her practice, Ashley examines interconnectivity between human and nonhuman animals, and vegetal and botanical life. Currently, her research and studio work investigate fundamental linkages between species, aiming to fuse conceptual separations through sculpture, installation and drawing.