The 2nd Asia-Global-Cultural-Studies-Forum (AGCSF) Event: Saturday, October 26, 2019, 2-6pm, Room 284, 100 McCaul


The second official forum, a lively discussion of Asia and Asia-Global
related art, design, culture, media, creative strategy, and research.
3 tiers of presenters: Students, Professors, and Professionals
Ongoing forum: open for public submission
email to:
*Everyone is welcome to participate in this forum/present in future events.
List of Presentations:
Dr Soyang Park (OCADU)
The Politics of Beauty: The Ghost of Colonialism, White-Washing Rumors, and the KBeauty
Wave [A Response – The Polemics from the last AGCSForum]
Christie Carrière (DRPT, OCADU)
Art and Community: What I Learned from Five Months of Placement at TeaBase
Kathy Wang (VCS, OCADU)
Female Representation in Japanese Manga: Ito Junji’s Tomie (1987 – 2000)
Wenjie He (CADN, OCADU)
Designing the Multilingual: Beijing Olympic Pictograms and Universal Design
Enna Kim (DF, OCADU)
ONLINE//OFFLINE: Digital Diaspora and Speculative Narrative Animation
Keiko Hart (Curator/Programmer, Toronto Biennial of Art and C-Magazine)
Locating Identity: Pronunciation of Self
Global Network of Researchers: Video Participation:
Yilong Liu (Drama/Film Studies, University ofManchester, UK)
Jessica Liu (Painting and Drawing, Nanjing University of the Arts, China)
Dr Hyunbang Shin (Professor, London School of Economics,UK),
On Gentrification, Korean and Chinese Recent Development