Open Circle Exhibit & End of year celebration: Decolonizing the Book

celebration: Decolonizing the Book

Join the Decolonizing the Book grad students for a reception at their Open Circle exhibit and an end of year celebration for grad studies!


The form of the book — whether as novel, course text, or art book — draws from traditions that tend toward reflecting a social status quo. But the book and its related productions have tremendous potential to disrupt, disturb, and disentangle colonial legacies and point to new non-hierarchical principles. The course takes the question of the book and encourage these new possibilities, both through an intellectual and making process. Some considerations will include engaging with and responding to the inaugural Toronto Biennial of Art; reinterpreting the book through re-use, recycling, and remaking; intellectual/writing/discussion opportunities; theoretical and critical challenges posed by Indigenous, postcolonial, and decolonizing methods; and the production of an exhibition at the Graduate Gallery that reflects the pedagogies of the course.

Opening Reception and Grad Studies end of term celebration: November 29th from 5PM-10PM

Gallery Open Daily from November 29- December 2 from 7:30AM-7:30PM


Deborah Barnett

Jason Burke

Natalie Chuck

Jaime Hilditch

Cayden Johnson

Andrew Kostjuk

Ashok Mathur

Claudia McKnight

Victoria Milne

Patricia Pasten

Jevonne Peters

Sheetal Prasad

Katlin Walsh

Danny Walsh