Agents for Change/ Facing the Anthropocene Exhibition @THEMUSEUM: CURATED BY NINA CZEGLEDY & JANE TINGLEY




Agents for Change | Facing the Anthropocene presents artworks by women media artists working at the intersection of science, technology and art, with a focus on ecological change —the greatest danger of our time.
Responding to the global recognition of the importance of the creative voices and activism of women artists, this unique exhibition demonstrates progress towards improving gender representation in the arts.
Anthropocene describes the current geological period during which human activity has significantly influenced the climate and environment, compromising life on the planet. The impact of environmental change has begun to affect everyone —from rising sea levels, to intense heat waves, to the mass extinction of the earth’s flora and fauna. Change is inevitable, but only by facing the future and understanding the challenges can we begin to become agents for change.

Selected artworks approach this complex topic by unpacking the lived realities of humans on this earth, but also of the animals and insects that we share it with. Art has the power to reach people personally, establishing a deeper understanding and emotional connection to what is happening to our planet. While artists are not alone in both questioning and confronting the ways in which we have interfered in the natural environment, their artworks remind us to reflect, reconsider and ultimately re-frame how we relate to the world around us.
We are pleased to present Currents as part of the exhibition – an evening screening of video works created by indigenous women artists at the University of Waterloo’s Fine Arts Department. Collectively the presented works bring together indigenous voices from across Canada to highlight the approach of many indigenous peoples around the world towards the environment. Featured artists include Dana Claxton, Alethea Arnaquq-Bari, Shelley Niro, Cara Mumford, Lisa Jackson, Amanda Strong, Helen Haig-Brown, and Vanessa Dion Fletcher. Special thanks to collaborator Ivan Jurakic, curator of UWAG for making the film programme possible.


Grateful thanks are also due to our assistant Zana Kozomora, along with the hardworking staff at THEMUSEUM for bringing this show into being.