Open Space Gallery

March 7 – 15th

Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Discussion Panel: 5 pm

Opening Reception: 6-10pm

49 McCaul St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 1V7

Andrew Kostjuk/X:3:N:0


T   R   /\   N   Q   U   1   L   [1   Z   3   D]    B   0   D   1   3   S:


Tranquil[ized] Bodies: The [Post] Post-Mortem Condition, is an examination of time, space, and place of being; relating to the mindfulness of the body and mortality in the contemporary moment. This project focuses on highlighting a vital, metaphysical exercise of confrontation and contemplation with mortality through static and kinetic, interactive sculpture and installation, comprised of an industrial-organic anti-aesthetic. Creating an immersive experience with mortality as a means to awaken the stagnant body and being. This body of work investigates the human being’s disengagement with life, authenticity, and meaning; through the vantage point of abject theory, embodiment, and metaphor. Outlining that the essential pathway to the refinement of the self is through perpetual interaction with mortality.  This function of confrontation and contemplation draws upon my own experience with death, as a person with a permanent illness. Through self-reflexivity, a/r/tography, and triangulation methods, this body of work explores how utopian constructs of happiness functions as a nucleolus for pathological states of being. Utilizing embodiment to explore interaction with the unknown as a means to live mindfully. Through the interwoven duality of temporality (life) and permanence (death), this project examines the dialectics of the fully integrated human being, advocating for mindfulness and the appreciation of life. Studying the dichotomy within utopian and dystopian spheres of human nature, which cuts a human being off from the true feeling of being alive.