QUANTIZATION: Episode 14, Signal Vol. 12, Aging, Inclusion and Homelessness

Dr. Andrea Iaboni and Dr. Michelle Wyndham-West on aging and inclusion, seniors, homelessness and cognitive impairments!

Listen to the podcast here.

The Corona Virus pandemic has shown our systems’ weaknesses and shortcomings in long-term care and senior housing globally. Homelessness is a growing issue among older adults as their population is rising. Lack of social and financial support are the main drivers of this problem. Social isolation during COVID is only making the situation more complicated.
These shortcomings, the rise of the senior population and the lack of social and financial support reveal the need for public health strategies to address the diversity and wide range of seniors. In this episode, we discuss housing for seniors, income and gender disparity and cognitive difficulties amongst the older population with Dr. Andrea Iaboni and Dr. Michelle Wyndham-West.