The Good and the Bad of Black Grad

Produced and Hosted by Dr. Evelyn Asiedu

Episode 4

Welcome Black: The Tips and Tricks of Inclusive Excellence

Wednesday, 29 September 2021
1:00 – 2:30 PM (ET)



The many crises and disruptions that occurred in 2020 have exposed and highlighted systemic racism worldwide. Canadian universities were not exempt from this reckoning. While often claiming to prioritize diversity and inclusion on their campuses, the fact remains that relatively few Black people can be found at Canadian universities. Furthermore, the absence of race-based data has empowered the Canadian Academy to deny its own racism with little consequence, while simultaneously undermining any calls to action expressed by racialized people.

At this particular moment in time, however, many higher education institutions across Canada are poised to critically (re-)assess their anti-racism strategies. As the infrastructure for the collection of quantitative race-based data slowly but surely gains momentum, the perspectives of Black community members can offer invaluable first-hand qualitative information.

The aim of this five-part webinar series is to create a space for dialogue that encourages Black academics to share their stories and experiences. These webinars will provide a platform to amplify the multitude of Black voices that are scattered across the country, with the ultimate goal of creating a digital anthology of the experiences of Black students and post-docs in Canada today. It is our hope that these diverse stories will serve to make connections among Black scholars, to inform University administrators of the challenges experienced by Black students, and to inspire prospective students to pursue and eventually achieve their educational goals.

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