MITACS is excited to share four additional course bundles, which are now available on the MITACS learning management system, EDGE.

The new courses are:

  • Career planning
  • R&D management
  • Leadership skills
  • Writing and presentation skills

Each of our course bundles includes an asynchronous course and a virtual facilitated session, which a learner can only register for once they have completed the related asynchronous course in the bundle (pre-work). The only exception is the R&D management course, which is only an asynchronous course that learners can take at any time.

We would like to invite graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at your university to attend our free virtual facilitated sessions that will be offered between January and March 2022. 

You will find more information about each course bundle on our website: Training Courses | Mitacs.

To register, students need to create an account or log in to EDGE.