Graduate Program in Science and Technology,
York University Graduate Conference 2022

The theme of this year’s conference is “Undoing the Crisis.”

Our conference is a call for cautious optimism; a moment to bring together scholars from various disciplines to explore the promises of science and technology in order to halt and/or reverse the numerous on-going planetary crises we face.

We are open to solutions, particularly those that arise from non-dominant perspectives and/or which reimagine existing frameworks instead of merely applying technical solutions to existing conditions.

For this year’s edition, we are welcoming Michele Friedner (Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago) and David J. Hess (Sociology, Vanderbilt University) as keynote speakers. 

Abstract Submission deadline: February 28th 2022.
Abstracts can be submitted here.  We are happy to consider submissions from first-time presenters.  

Undoing the Crises

June 3rd, 2022
In-person and online
Graduate Program in Science and Technology
York University
Toronto, Canada

Kindly see further details on our website.