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Reading, Writing and Research: Essentials for Graduate School

Graduate studies is the start of an ongoing engagement with all kinds of texts: aural, written, visual, performed, ephemeral, digital, etc…It may seem a simple question, but how do you read? Do you read these different texts in different ways? How, why? What skills and/or tools do you use and rely on? Find out more about services for Graduate Students at the Writing and Learning Centre here.


Accessibility Co-design Sessions, August 8th, 9am-7pm @OCAD U

We’re partnering with the Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD U to facilitate co-design sessions for accessibility. The goal is to brainstorm and workshop ideas for accessible systems with people who identify as part of the accessibility community in Toronto. Check out the session dates here!


Madatac 10th Edition Open Call

Madatac 10th Edition Open Call: Video Art Screenings / New Media Art Installations / A/V Performances / Symposium / Awards / Books / Publishing

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