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Cross Process Issue #3 Release Party: October 12th

Cross Process fosters conversation and collaboration between makers, writers, and thinkers. cross process contributes to the shift towards approaching the magazine as gallery, the artist…

FW: Arctic Amazon Symposium 2019

Arctic Amazon Symposium 2019 @ThePowerPlantTO

Symposium Description for Participants   Symposium Description The Arctic/Amazon project is specifically aimed at nurturing dialogical engagement between Arctic and Amazonian Indigenous ontologies while being…



👉Leeay Aikawa House of Collage: September 14-26, 2019  👉Opening Party: (SAT) September 14, 6:00pm- midnight 📍Lily’s Gallery: 758 Bathurst Street (2F) House of Collage is…

Photo by Myleen Hollero

Sha Hwang, in conversation

A conversation with Sha Hwang about design, government, and public benefit. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Print This Page! Sha Hwang Sha is…


Spotlight on Contemporary Indigenous Filmmaking

Join us for a Spotlight on Contemporary Indigenous Filmmaking! The evening begins with a talk featuring curator Suzanne Morrissette (OCAD University) and artists Lisa Myers…

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