2019 TBA Curatorial Assistant – OCAD U Career Launchers

The Toronto Biennial of Art (TBA) is accepting applications for a full-time position of Curatorial Assistant. An ideal candidate must have a view to inclusivity and diversity, building capacity and changing the landscape of future Canadian leaders in arts and culture.

CO group show logo

CO | Exhibition at the Graduate Gallery

An exhibition of works by OCAD U’s Interdisciplinary Art, Media and Design Graduate Program, curated by Criticism and Curatorial Practice Graduate Students at OCAD U’s Graduate Gallery. The exhibition runs from November 12-17, 2018.


Graduate Conference in Global History: Violence in a Connecting World

Please submit a title and abstract (max. 300 words) and a CV in PDF format. Include your full name and contact information, including institutional affiliation. The deadline for submission is December 7, 2018. Send submissions to Heena Mistry and Elyse Bell at ghiq@queensu.ca.

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