Response to Armature, Grid and Grid Systems

According to “Armature, Grid and Grid Systems”, typographers design with a typographic element and the white/empty space around it. As designers we apply our critical designer eye to these elements to create proper page hierarchy.

Grids, grid systems and armatures help create a framework from where we can organize this information around the page.

Any artist can recognize working with grids from early stages of learning how to create a basic composition. When utilizing armatures, the artist/designer creates spaces unique to their design. These armatures provide “principles of alignment, visual proportion, balance and harmony similar to the instinctive logic governing a compositionally satisfying drawing.”

I thought that mentioning how the author addressed the equal importance of white space.

The empty spaces in between active elements should support the content. This fortifies the composition. It’s this harmony which allows the smooth transition of hierarchal elements.

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