Project #2, Post #3: Surface Treatments

In order to further develop the tactile experience of this piece, I used different surface treatments of various textures on copies of the pod.

After my work with painting ABS in Project #1, I decided to try using spray paint as this might provide more even coverage. I found a variety of paint intended for use on plastic, which came in glossy, smooth and ‘textured’ (rough) finishes. These did provide excellent coverage of the plastic, requiring only two relatively light coats, and they dried to the touch within about a half hour.

I also used yarns to create softer textures; to do this, I drilled holes into the pods with fairly even spacing, and used a modification of rug-hooking technique. I was able to begin working with a loose merino yarn, as well as with an alpaca-cotton blend. I am also keen to try a yarn made of kid (baby goat), and jute, to provide a rougher texture.

I chose to use neutral colours exclusively, to minimize the role of sight in interacting with the pieces (and also because there was a greater variety of textures of spray paint available for neutral colours than for pastels or brights).

Several surface treatments of the pods. First row, left-to-right: satin white Krylon Fusion paint, gloss black Krylon Fusion paint, textured gunmetal Krylon Fusion paint; Second row left-to-right: satin white paint coated in clear DragonSkin silicone, silver grey flocking, merino yarn

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