Week 9-12 Updates

test pieces

reduction fire - glaze: old celadon











Over the past few weeks, I have been creating pieces  from the same mold I used in the first half of the term. I have dipped string into the slip, placed it in the molds and then poured slip into the mold to further embed the string into the object. They seem really fragile and I am not sure how they will survive the kiln.

I am also working on making other forms with a canvas that is woven like cheese cloth. I am uncertain that this will have much effect because the canvas is so thin. Definitely having difficulty with all this uncertainty – I hope there is work to be presented at the end of term!

I have also glazed and fired the original set of pieces. I am happy with the results. I used a glaze called Old Celadon that mimics the look of jade. It is made with copper and is originally a deep red (sorry no pic!) when it is first dipped. The reduction process turns it jade green.






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