Sketches and Encaustic Studies

The landscape thumbnails that I drew in March are below. I worked with a very limited palette of warm and cool gray pens, to match the winter landscape of dry prairie, gray clouds and dark gray roads. As I drew these thumbnails, I wondered what visual elements make a landscape personal, how can a landscape contain meaning for the viewer, and how does it relate to our understanding of where we are, or where we are going?

thumbnails from the greyhound

west to swift current

west to medicine hat

calgary and the rockies

I found encaustic enabled me to combine the disparate elements of collage, image transfers, fabric and paper, and illustration. The layering of opacity, translucency and colour was interesting. Could I use it with the precise nature of a map or data visualization? How would that affect my ability to tell a story with image? It might fall apart under its own weight but I decided to give it a try for Project 2.

encaustic with image transfer


coffee and techno with japanese paper

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