Andy Fabo: 1st posting, 2nd term

My plan of action for this term is to learn various animation techniques, both digital and analogue and apply this new knowledge to various projects that will move me towards gaining the skills for my final thesis project, an experimental documentary with three layers of information on the subject of “Philia” ( a […]

Final Statement

This studio has allowed me to explore three fairly familiar techniques and work with them in ways that produced some less familiar results. It was interesting to go through the process of abstraction in each of the three projects and to work in a more subjective way with materials especially in project 2 & 3. […]

Diana Meredith – Theme & Plan

Theme My theme is ageing – middle ageing. I am looking at the experience of the body beginning to lose vitality and strength and looking at the insights that come about from this loss.

The experience of middle age is a secret quietly held by those who have membership in that club. Our bodies begin […]

Alexis’ project proposal


‘I create for big dreams, bad dreams, for bubbling gurgling laughter and for shame. For fear, love, freedom and embarrassment. Braving the ripe and rotten, I muck around in the psychological and emotional debris of what has been left unsaid and use art to blurt it out loud.’ –Alexis Boyle, artist’s statement

My personal […]

Protected: proposal

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Protected: Sara MacLean – Project Proposal

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Calliope Gazetas – Proposal

Crossing the Edges of the Known

Out of the estimated 8.7 million species on our planet, only 1.3 million have been identified (Zimmer). There are new species being discovered or recategorized almost daily, such as a new species of bottle-nosed dolphin that lives only in a small part of Australia’s coastline. (Charlton-Robb). The process of […]

Raenel Leppky – Proposal for Studio Projects

The Rapid-Fire Series of work for the Directed Interdisciplinary Studio will seek to interpret the sensory and spatial properties of transitional thresholds within time and space through a process of abstraction and reductive representation. Pattern, texture, light and shadow will be examined and manipulated in order to illuminate the inherent relationships between interior space, architecture, […]

Jason Dyck – Project Proposal

The best way for me to begin to describe my past/present/future works is to first explain the way I think and express. Simply stated, I am a spatial thinker; I am intrigued by and connect with size, shape, physicality, materiality, presence (or lack thereof), dimension, color, etc. Included in these interests are the processes and […]

Andrew Zealley: Interdisciplinary Studio Projects (Proposal)

The central theme in my interdisciplinary studio projects is Healing and Self. This binary theme is represented in three conceptual self-portraits, conveyed through video, performance art and photography. I have chosen these modes of expression in order to challenge my usual creative processes, impulses that are typically aligned with audio. Sound will, however, play a […]