Project Two – Final Post – The Sturgeon Maps

Lower Fraser River White Sturgeon Info Map

My intent with the first Sturgeon Map, the Lower Fraser River Sturgeon Info Map (LFRSIM), was to show the Fraser river from the bias that a sturgeon might have. Important areas for burrowing, feeding, and overwintering are indicated on the map, and the landforms are not labeled. […]

Encaustic Process – Finishing Up

Testing jump ring placement to represent sensors

The jump rings melted into the surface easily and gave definition to the dots of coloured wax I placed into them. The two discs of paper to represent the winter ranges didn’t go as translucent as hoped when saturated with wax.

Filling in gaps with carbon […]

Encaustic Process – Map 1 and Map 2

topcoat was a disaster

Thinking I was finished with the first encaustic piece, I liberally applied a topcoat that was specially formulated for hardness to protect encaustics. It did not work as expected, adding a warm tint to the entire piece and then resisting being scraped down since it was so brittle. I ended […]

Encaustic Process – Map 1

Hotplate setup at studio

My studio setup includes a heat gun for fusing new layers of wax onto the board, a hotplate, various scraping and carving tools, encaustic sticks, medium and finishing coats, and a fan to help ventilate the warehouse space. The hotplate came down with me from Vancouver, it’s been used a […]

Fraser River White Sturgeon

The South Arm of the Fraser River is a very active shipping channel where tugs, barges, cargo ships and ferries run regular schedules day and night. Where I was staying in Richmond was right across from the river, and it became my inspiration for the maps I want to create for Project 2. The White […]

Sketches and Encaustic Studies

The landscape thumbnails that I drew in March are below. I worked with a very limited palette of warm and cool gray pens, to match the winter landscape of dry prairie, gray clouds and dark gray roads. As I drew these thumbnails, I wondered what visual elements make a landscape personal, how can a landscape […]

Nick – final documentation (pics!)


Project 2 – Final Documentation

While I presented this final project on wednesday, I still view this project as a work in progress. Like most of my projects, the programming of the system takes a long time to setup and working out the interaction based on feedback from test users also takes a while for me to reformulate my ideas […]

Protected: Future Plans, Final Statement

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Nick – Project 2 pre-final-write-up

Unfortunately, I failed to foresee one major consequence of my waiting til the weekend to document this project, which is that the equipment rental on the 7th floor is closed. Because the Pico projector is kind of the keystone of my creation, I will not be able to provide final documentation of my 2nd project […]