Project Two – Final Post – The Sturgeon Maps

Lower Fraser River White Sturgeon Info Map

My intent with the first Sturgeon Map, the Lower Fraser River Sturgeon Info Map (LFRSIM), was to show the Fraser river from the bias that a sturgeon might have. Important areas for burrowing, feeding, and overwintering are indicated on the map, and the landforms are not labeled. […]

Nick – final documentation (pics!)


Project 2 – Final Documentation

While I presented this final project on wednesday, I still view this project as a work in progress. Like most of my projects, the programming of the system takes a long time to setup and working out the interaction based on feedback from test users also takes a while for me to reformulate my ideas […]

Protected: Future Plans, Final Statement

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RISING closing statement

My video installation, Rising, is a study on the idea of dropping the body: the threshold moment, transitioning from the current dimension to the next. In traditional Chinese culture, the expression “dropping the ropes” conjures similar images in the mind. The looping video component of the installation has a duration of 5 minutes and […]

Final Posting on the Final Project

For my final critique I showed three playful animated clips that were “études”, studies, that allowed me to explore the possibilities of After Effects. Through out the term I had been developing abstract “fields” to use as backgrounds and an inventory of images that were rendered in ink. The images […]

Final Documentation

canvas, twine and wool were used to create burnouts in the forms

porcelain cast affected with twine burnout

porcelain cast affected by canvas burnout

porcelain cast affected by canvas burnout

This series of porcelain studies used cotton and wool fibers within the slip to create different burn-out effects. The method itself […]

Final Post

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Thank you to everyone for all of your suggestions and compliments during the critique last week. […]

Project 2 Final Thoughts

Synopsis: Mostly satisfied, but not fully resolved.

As work and ideas on my MFA thesis develops, I’m glad to say that the visual manifestation of those ideas is also developing in my practice.

My thesis is about the experience of middle aging. More and more it seems that my research is centering around the idea […]

Final Documentation

I began the second project with Erin Manning’s “Propositions for the Verge: William Forsythe’s Choreographic Objects”. My intention was to perform an action based exploration of the senses. The idea of “choreography as a means that sets the stage for an ecology of moment events” is what influenced and informed my work. In his theory […]