Lizz Aston: PATTERN / STUDY Exhibition

Swoop by Textile artist Lizz Aston; Pattern/Study Exhibition February 2016

Textile artist Lizz Aston’s Pattern / Study Exhibition curated by Tori Maas is on now at the Learning Zone.

Pattern / Study—a series of paper cutting designs digitally modified and hand-cut, combine technology with traditional materials and methods.

Aston’s hand-cut patterns originate from handmade objects, digitized then transcribed onto Japanese Kozo paper, which are individually hand dyed and formed into 3 dimensional sculptural paper installations.

Ex-Lace view 2 by Textile artist Lizz Aston; Pattern/Study Exhibition February 2016

Similar traditional and contemporary processes are employed in Aston’s series Antiquated Notions. Involving machine embroidery on layers of paper, then burning out the paper creating delicate and sculptural paper lace patterns.

Pattern/Study Exhibition;Optical Lace Repeat by Textile Artist Lizz Aston

Focuses on themes of knotting and interlacement, finding a middle ground between technology and tradition

Aston holds an Advanced Diploma in Crafts & Design from Sheridan College and completed a three-year artist residency in the Textile Studio at Harbourfront Centre. She is currently studying Industrial Design at OCAD University.




02 2016

Honouring Black History Month @ OCAD Zine Library

Black History Month 2016, OCAD Zine Library display

OCAD Zine Library Black History Month display features a collection of insightful zines that educate, provoke, heal and challenge.

Black Fractals, the official 2016 Black History Month Program at OCAD University celebrates from February 3 to February 20, with exhibitions and events held in the Lobby of 100 McCaul Street and the Ada Slaight Gallery Space (Transit Space) including The Graduate Gallery at 205 Richmond Street West.

Four exhibitions are planned; Black Future Month 3016: 4th Annual Afrofuturism Art Exhibition, Pixelation Art Exhibition, Call & Response Conference and Piece of Mine Festival: Black Men in Theater.

Blast Off: Opening reception for Black Future Month 3016: 4th Annual Afrofuturism Art Exhibition will be held Wednesday February 3rd at the Graduate Gallery, 205 Richmond Street West.

For more information on these events please visit:





02 2016

Responding to a Historical Aesthetic

From Dec. 16th-Jan.31st, a new exhibition, Responding to a Historical Aesthetic, will be on display at the Learning Zone.

From left to right: Rachel Lee, Erika Lee, Apoorva Varma, Rebecca Markus, Connor Gillet, Domenic Sgambelluri

From left to right: Rachel Lee, Erika Lee, Apoorva Varma, Rebecca Markus, Connor Gillet, Domenic Sgambelluri


The students of Lynne Heller’s third year Material Art & Design course Fibre History Since 1800 have created textile art pieces that use distinctive characteristics from different periods in art history. By learning about the work made by others, the students used their research to inform their own techniques and create something new and contemporary in the process.


Meaghan Lacroix - Deco inspiration

Meaghan Lacroix – Deco inspiration


Techniques such as embroidery, crocheting, sewing, and quilting are used to create a diverse range of fashion aesthetics. Together, these production methods demonstrate the evolution of the use of fibre from natural animal and plant based fibres to the introduction of artificial and synthetic materials in the 20th century. It’s interesting to examine the materials used and their functions throughout different socio-cultural movements. Within a fashion framework it’s fun to see how dress, as a form of self-expression, progresses throughout history and how in many ways we have to look back in order to move forward.


Miranda Victoria - Gothic revival in the style of embroidery - Embroidery piece copy

Miranda Victoria

Hillary Dubé

Hillary Dubé








Domenic Sgambelluri

Here’s an excerpt from Domenic Sgambelluri’s write-up: “My piece is a unisex blouse that draws its motif from the art deco period. It features a band of trapunto quilting at the bottom of the piece which resembles an architectural frieze that might be found on a skyscraper built during the 1920s. […]For me, the piece contributes to a trend of designing degendered clothing that are not solely designed for functionality, but create a new aesthetic and silhouette that is appealing to both genders.”

Alyssa Manalo - Welcome to the 70's

Alyssa Manalo – Welcome to the 70’s

These pieces have a life of their own and reflect the spirit of an era. Stop by the Learning Zone today to check them out!


01 2016

Fall 2015 @ Library Services Learning Zone

The fall term will nearly be over, I know it’s hard to believe! Wednesday December 9 will be the last day of fall term classes with final examination and critique period beginning December 10 ending December 18.

It’s sad but true, the Learning Zone will be closed after December 18 but returning reinvigorated January 8—with a new year of programs and events.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves—we are still open for the next few weeks. The Learning Zone offers a place to study, access to computers, a light box for tracing, B&W and colour printing, and a colour matcher light booth to help you visualize how colours will appear under different conditions. You can also use it to document your artwork.

IT Salon every Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

IT Salon with Andrew McAllister, an Adobe Educator Leader with a background in art and design will be in the Learning Zone Tuesday December 8 and Thursday December 10, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm to share his knowledge and expertise on using Adobe Creative Cloud. How wonderful is that?

Feminism FOMO NOMO Art Exhibition; Show What Feminism Means to You. Call for Submissions Nov 3. Exhibition dates: Nov 10 - Dec 6 2015

Feminist FOMO NOMO has been extended until December 9, if you have not had the opportunity to see this exhibition, please drop in to catch this diverse multi-disciplinary collection of artwork which focuses on the question: What does feminism mean to you?

Xpace: External Space: Flash Splash by Eli Schwanz. On until February 15, 2016

Xpace Cultural Centre current exhibition in External Space is a video called Flash Splash made by Toronto artist Eli Schwanz.

Flash Space is an infinite loop of RGB image sequencing, displaying repetitive motion of abstract shapes—waves, drops and splashes. Additive colours blend and mix together. Teamed with a tonal droning soundtrack layered with dripping, splashing, and sloshing water. Please read this insightful exhibition essay by Fan Wu. On until February 15, 2016.

OCAD U Zine Collective meets in Learning Zone every 1st or 3rd Thursday at 12 pm

In 2016, OCAD U Zine Collective will be meeting every 1st / 3rd Thursday of each month at 12 pm in the Learning Zone. Join the Facebook group: OCAD Zine Collective, or email


12 2015

Feminist Fomo Nomo Art Exhibition: Performative Period Manifesto Workshop with Holly Timpener December 1, 12 – 2pm

Image of card flyer promoting Performative Period Manifesto Workshop with Holly Timpener December 1st, 12 - 2pm at OCAD U Learning Zone. Share your period stories and create a manifesto for a new shameless future for menstruation.

Join us Tuesday December 1, 12 – 2 pm for the Perfomative Period Manifesto Workshop with Holly Timpener. Followed with a live performance of the manifesto in the halls of OCAD U.

Performative Period Manifesto Workshop is part of the ongoing Feminist FOMO NOMO: What Does Feminism Mean To You? Exhibition.

Holly Timpener investigates and instigates issues relating to gender, feminity, sex and sexuality and identity with her performances. Come and share your period stories to create a manifesto for a new shameless future of menstruation.

Highlights from the opening reception held November 10. Photographs and videos courtesy of Nazanin Khani.


YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


Feminist FOMO NOMO: What Does Feminism Mean To You? Exhibition offers a range of multi-disciplinary artwork—videos, printmaking, installations, digital prints that address inclusiveness and multiple expressions of what Feminism means to each of the participating artists.

On until December 6

Logos for OCAD University, OCAD Student Union, WIA projects, FAC (Feminist Art Conference)



11 2015

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