3rd Annual OCAD Zine Fair – March 3, 11am-5pm

Come one, come all! OCAD is hosting its annual Zine Fair at 100 McCaul St in the Lobby on March 3rd from 11-5pm. Come for the Zines, stay for the film screening and button making in room 187! That’s right—button making!

ALSO, if you didn’t already know, OCAD’s Zine collection can be found in the Learning Zone and is open to visits from the general public. The collection is organized according to the following subjects: Art, Comics, Information/DIY, Music, Poetry, Politics, Queer, and Stories.

Make Zines? Want to share? We are always accepting submissions to the collection.
Please mail donations to:
Dorothy H. Hoover Library, Zine Collection
Ontario College of Art & Design
100 McCaul Street
Toronto, ON
M5T 1W1

For more information visit the OCAD Zine Library’s blog, Zine’s for Lunch, or Facebook page.

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