Getting Involved with InternationalEyes on Campus

By Liisa Aaltio

Want to get involved more with International Student in OCADU?

There are multiple opportunities to meet and connect with other International Students on campus:

International Students Group

Join the International Students’ Group! We meet monthly to discuss topics and/or challenges of common interest, coordinate guest speakers, plan social events, study groups, and gallery visits. The group exists to enhance the life of international students and all students who wish to internationalize their OCADU experience.

InternationalEyes Café

The Internationaleyes student group and the International Student Services Office host InternationalEyes Café’s. After a great success of the first café of 2011 at March 7th we decided to meet at least once a month to have lunch together and share experiences and information in an informal get-together.  Next Café will be March 21st at the Learning Zone from 12-1, welcome!

InternationalEyes on Facebook

Since we are all spread around the campus and sometimes it is hard to meet other International Students or get updated information of the events, join the Internationaleyes at OCAD on Facebook to have the latest information about the Café’s and other events, and to easily connect with other students on the campus!

InternationalEyes Gallery

Looking for a place to exhibit your work? InternationalEyes iHUB Gallery is currently looking for monthly artists to exhibit their work!

The Internationaleyes iHub gallery is located between the Learning Zone office and AV Loans. The exhibition space is 7 feet wide and 8 feet high.

For more information about the application process and requirements for art work visit The Exhibition Opportunities at the Learning Zone website at

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