Too Much History

The Learning Zone welcomes you to check out our first summer exhibition, Too Much History. Mike Badour presents a series of dynamic and static neo-formalist paintings. Featuring mixed media painting, sculpture, digital and kinetic work.

The exhibit will run from Wednesday July 6, 2011 to Friday July 29, 2011 in the Learning Zone. We are located at 113 McCaul, Level 1.

To see more of Mike’s work have a look at his blog and his student profile on our blog.

The Head Spins is one of the pieces featured in the show:

Another piece in the exhibit is Formalist News:

Artist Statement:

Formalist News is a formalist approach to an RSS News feed. Where the viewer receives up to date abstractions, which solely focused on compositional elements such as colour, line, and shape instead of the traditional RSS news feed priority of providing head lining news content. The driving forces however behind  these abstractions are the manipulation of the images that come attached to traditional news feeds.

Check out our photos of the work and the opening reception.

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