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An Open Look Exhibition

The Learning Zone is hosting a new exhibition:  An Open Look. The exhibit presents the work of OCAD U peer mentors from various programs. The artists featured in this exhibition are Jasmine Barlow, Teodor Herman, Nasim Kermanshahani, Phuong Nguyen, Justine Smith, Brooke Wayne and Kirsten Webb. The show will run from August 3rd Р18th. Come by and check out the artwork submitted by your talented OCAD U peers!

Curators Statement:

An Open Look exhibits the work of a particularly dedicated group of OCAD U students who are, among other things, student mentors. And while acknowledging their hard work as community builders, this show highlights their individual creative talents as visual thinkers.

We as curators of the show are aware that communities are made up of individuals possessing distinctive skills. However when working together as a group the efforts of the individuals create a deeper impact which strengthens the sense of community.

The works in this exhibition have been laid out in a way that allows each artist’s body of work to stand alone while still remaining as a compilation of works by Peer Mentors. We hope that this show inspires you to become active in your community here at OCAD University and beyond.

This show was carefully and lovingly curated by

Edison Osorio and Kirsten Webb

Here are some photos of the opening reception and featured artwork:

[nggallery id=27]


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