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Live-In Transformation

The Learning Zone was delighted to host OCADU’s Performance Art Collective, for three days of interactive performances on October 19th to 21st. A series of performances held throughout the LZ featured activities that created an intimate, live-in feeling in the space.

Each performer habituated and subsequently transformed an area of the LZ space to satisfy their needs. The LZ was the perfect model for a live-in transformation as it is an open, experimental space that allowed the performances to develop organically without external direction.


Performance pieces were organic, varying from acts of folding underwear, editing and viewing audiovisual material, becoming comfortable and familiar in the space, to quilting with found objects and forgotten clothing.

Another performance involved a woman lying on a worktable with a group of people seated around her who occupied themselves by intently layering fabric remnants over her and piecing these together in quilting bee fashion.


11 2011

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