And the Winner is….

We are so happy to announce that winner of the People’s Choice Award for the Mega Quarry Poster Show is Evelynne Malangyaon!

Evelynne’s poster, along with the other winners from the Mega Quarry Poster show (Best Poster winners Joanna Lu, Anton Mwewa, Man Yan Ashley Yip and Honourable Mentions Elvis Shao, Zhi Gao, Paul Bernier and Lauren Livingston) will be exhibited this weekend in The View From Here:¬†Artists Against the Mega-Quarry Show & Sale in Honeywood, ON.

About the exhibit:¬†Artists Against the Mega-Quarry is fighting the Highland Companies application to turn 2,300 acres of Ontario’s best farmland into the second-largest open-pit mine in North America. Our pieces are shown and sold in support of a broader effort to stop the proposed mega-quarry.

Visit to learn more about the mega-quarry proposal and how it could affect agriculture, quality of life and water security for over a million people in Ontario.

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04 2012

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    Thanks again for the post and your support on this Mega Quarry Project!
    Marta. The Learning Zone is one special place at OCADU!

    Linda Montgomery

  2. Marta Chudolinska #

    Thanks Linda! Committed and creative professors like you also make OCADU a special place!

  3. Evelynne Malangyaon #

    Thanks so much for posting this! It means a lot

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