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TDSB Open Art Exhibition


TDSB Open Art Exhibition

Currently on exhibition at the Learning Zone is the third annual Open Art Exhibition organized by the Toronto District School Board.

On exhibition are artworks from a variety of genres such as painting, photography, video, sculpture and mixed-media which showcase the talents and creativity of future artists and designers from over thirty schools in the TDSB.


Sir Wilfred Laurier C.I.

The opening reception was well attended, with generous support from parents, teachers, students and members of the OCAD University community. Speakers included Christine Jackson, Program Coordinator of the Arts TDSB, Sarah McKinnon, Acting President OCADU, and Jan Sage, Director of Admissions & Recruitment OCADU.

Special thanks to the TDSB Steering Committee for their dedication to the students and continued commitment to the arts, making the third annual Open another spectacular exhibition. Members of the steering committee included Lisa Sanders, Intsructional Leader, Visual Arts & Media Arts; Christina Yamoi, Martingrove C.I.; Andrea Rappos, Dr. Norman Bethune C.I.; Yolanda Mak, Ursula Franklin Academy and Mike Herman, Lakeshore C.I. As well as Robert Murphy, Exhibition Facilitator for TDSB Arts Department; Daniel Turner, Intern from OISE and the student MCs, Laila Straxds and Athar Mohiuddin from Martingrove C.I.

The exhibition runs until May 26th.


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