External Space Opening Night


It was a beige kind of evening at the Learning Zone on Wednesday 3 October, complete with beige-coloured food, drinks, decorations, and dress. It was opening night for External Space – LZ’s latest exhibition space, hosted in collaboration with XPACE Cultural Centre – and things kicked off with a bang (thankfully not a pop!) to showcase Vikki Dziuma’s beige and balloon-themed photographs and videos.


After the ribbon cutting (with beige ribbon, of course), Dziuma graced her audience with a presentation of her recent works, and talked about her inspiration (including the timely intersection of an assignment to “do something with colour,” and a vacation to an overwhelmingly beige locale) as well as her methods (such as stuffing brown balloons inside gold ones – for, as she discovered after deciding to feature them in her work, there is no such thing as beige balloons!).

Dziuma’s video, Celebration of Existence (As It Currently Exists), will be on exhibit for the rest of the month. Visit XPACE’s website to learn more, and look forward to next month’s exhibit, “Huffing and Puffing” – with more balloons!

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