My Skateboard – My Voice

Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma
(not on exhibit)

My Skateboard – My Voice is the latest exhibition at the Learning Zone, exhibiting over sixty skateboard designs from the first year Graphic Design students of Linda Montgomery’s Drawing Translation Class.

Working in collaboration with Moguls in Mocean, a sporting goods store, the students were given the freedom to use the company’s name and logo, designed by Canadian Typography designer Paul Sych, to express their voice through a graphic and visual design.

Awards were presented on October 1st for best design, runners-up and honourable mentions by Moguls in Motion owner, Evangeline Merkley and Manager Jacob Allen-Jordon both of whom selected the winning design.

Winner of best design belongs to Patrick Santos. Runner-ups are Alex Gebhardt, Shiva Tadayoni, Lauren Stewart and Shweta Sharma with Honourable Mentions to : Danyl Ahmed, Keeley Whitehead, Braden Loi, Evelynne Malangyaon and Dawa Bokhang.

My Skateboard – My Voice is on until October 31st.

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