Ring in the New Year with the LZ and P.O.D.!

Welcome back! Have you heard? 2013 is the time, and LZ is the place!

This year the Learning Zone is better than ever as we join Campus Life in offering the P.O.D. Program (a.k.a. Peer Mentors on Demand). The P.O.D. is an informal weekly drop-in where OCADU students can meet to discuss community-building events and projects. Last semester saw zine workshops, intro to time management, gingerbread houses, and more, and this semester’s bound to be even greater. Four different groups will meet at different times throughout the week, so find the group that works for you and come on by!

P.O.D. at the Learning Zone: Tuesdays 3-5pm, led by Booke; Wednesdays 12-2pm, led by Jennifer; Thursdays 12-2pm, led by Sylvia; Fridays 12-2pm, led by Sophy

Not sure what the Learning Zone’s all about? Our flexible studio/study space is a great place to meet and get some work done, and with our zine collection, equipment for loan, poster exhibitions, plate station, grOCAD Window Farm, graphics software, scanners, XPACE video installation, wireless printing (and the list goes on), we have something for everyone. Just downstairs from the Dorothy H. Hoover library, you can access all of the library’s online resources from right inside the Learning Zone, and even get personalized research support from Marta, the LZ librarian.

If you haven’t visited us yet, the time is now!

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