Vintage Valentine

That’s right, it’s time for another vintage sale from your friendly neighbourhood library! Purses, bangles, beads, and more — the Vintage Valentine’s Sale is a great place to pick up a present for your sweetheart, or a little something for yourself (or both!).

Running from 9-5 this Tuesday and Wednesday in the lobby of the main building, this is an event you can’t miss. Come on down, bring your friends, and celebrate St. Valentine in style with the Dorothy H. Hoover library!

The Vintage Valentine’s Sale is a fundraising event for the Ontario chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America. ARLIS/NA is a professional association of librarians, archivists, curators, and other specialists who work in the field of art information. ARLIS/NA’s mission is to support and enrich their member libraries and, through them, YOU, the artist! That means everything you take home from one of the Library’s vintage fundraising sales is a double whammy! So help us help you, and check out our wares this February 12 & 13.

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02 2013

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